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Bob Rees


Bob Rees is a prominent and active member of the Humanist Association of Ireland, and has written several articles for their bi-monthly journal. He spent his formative years in North Manchester, amid tens of thousands of Jewish refugees from Hitler’s brand of Christianity, and as soon as WWII was over, he was sent to an obsessively Anglican boarding school in Essex. After qualifying as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer he joined the Merchant Navy and sailed the world. In 1963, he left the sea to marry a devoutly Catholic Irish girl and went to live in Dublin, which was at that time a severely priest-ridden society where the arrogant excesses of the Clerics were frustratingly obvious. He was particularly irritated by the interference of these celibates in highly personal family matters, and also by their manipulative blocking of attempts in the UN at that time to tackle global overpopulation. He started reading religious philosophy and, several shelves full of books later, he now claims to know as much as the Pope about God’s Will - which is precisely nothing! Bob is author of Clerical Errors: God, Religon & Power published by Glasnevin Publishing.