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Mayoral Governance in Dublin: Challenges for Citizens, Politics and Policy

Edited by Deiric O Broin and Eoin O'Malley

Executive mayors are a typical feature of many local government systems, but Ireland has a different model. Set up in the 1920s to address problems of the day, it has arguably outlived its usefulness. However, recent attempts to introduce a directly elected mayor have failed. Mayoral Governance in Dublin offers a succinct review and analysis of the approach to date of Irish policy in this area, the relevant experience of other local governance systems, and the challenges facing reform initiatives. The contributors, a diverse mix of academics, public officials, politicians and citizens, highlight many of the key issues, including the appropriate extent of mayoral powers and policy competences, the very significant areas of cross-party agreement, and the potential benefits for Dublin, and other cities and counties, of adopting a model of mayoral governance.

This book is of paramount importance in shaping ideas on the future of Dublin's governance. The discussion reminds us that today's Dublin is undergoing a transformation in outlook and ambition from national capital to global city region. Written in a clear, accessible and informed style, Mayoral Governance in Dublin will enrich public and political debate on transforming local government and accommodating a new form of urban governance. The book is essential for politicians and policy professionals, and for anyone interested in seeing Dublin city and hinterland develop as an exciting, prosperous and creative place in which to live and work.

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ISBN-13: 978-1908689351

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Release date: 2nd April 2019

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