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Practical Stress Analysis with Finite Elements (2nd Edition)

by Dr. Bryan J. Mac Donald

Are you tired of picking up a book that claims to be on "practical" finite element analysis only to find that it is full of the same old theory rehashed and contains no advice to help you plan your analysis?

If so then this book is for you! The emphasis of this book is on doing FEA, not writing a FE code. A method is provided to help you plan your analysis and a chapter is devoted to each choice you have to make when building your model giving you clear and specific advice.

Finally nine case studies are provided which illustrate the points made in the main text and take you slowly through your first finite element analyses. The book is written in such a way that it is not specific to any particular FE software so it doesn't matter which FE software you use, this book can help you!

This very successful book which is available in both paperback and hardback formats has been adopted by universities all over the world to help students understand finite element analysis.

Due to phenomenal demand the book was reprinted in July 2013 with minor corrections. A list of the corrections made can be found here.

The 2nd Edition of this very popular finite element analysis guide:
  1. Emphasizes practical finite element analysis with commercially available finite element software packages
  2. Is written in a generic way so it is not specific to any particular software but clearly shows the methodology required for successful FEA
  3. Is focused entirely on structural stress analysis
  4. Offers specific advice on which element types to use, which material model to pick, which type of analysis to use and which type of results to look for
  5. Provides specific, no nonsense advice on how to fix problems in the analysis
  6. Contains over 300 illustrations
  7. Provides nine detailed case studies which specifically show you how to perform various types of analysis
  8. Does not weigh you down with unnecessary theory, but provides you with the minimum theory needed to understand the methods
  9. Is an invaluable guide and reference for engineering students and practicing engineers.
About the Author

Dr. Bryan J. Mac Donald is senior lecturer in engineering at Dublin City University, Ireland, where he teaches on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in mechanical and biomedical engineering. He has been teaching finite element analysis to trainee engineers for over 15 years. He is the author of Programming the Finite Element Method in Java and Android which is also published by Glasnevin Publishing. His research interests include computational mechanics, design and analysis of medical devices, computational modelling of the in-service behaviour of implantable medical devices and computational modelling of complex metal forming operations.

Paperback Book details:

Paperback price:  €50.00 / STG £45.00 / $85.00

Size: 246x189mm

ISBN-13: 978-0-9555781-6-8

Pages: 400


Hardback Book details:

Hardback price: €60.00 / STG £55.00 / $95.00

Size: 244x170mm

ISBN-13: 978-0-9555781-7-5

Pages: 400

Release date: 23rd May 2011

Revised (2nd Printing): 29th July 2013

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Lecture slides for academics wishing to use the book are available on request. Please email us for details.
A list of errata is maintained by the author: please click here to view.