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Where do Daddies Come From: A Pregnancy Guide for Men

Steve Cummins

Well you did it. Whether you meant to or not is immaterial. If you meant to do it and it was planned and all, congratulations, you are about to enter an amazing chapter in your life. If you did it by accident then commiserations, you are about to enter an amazing chapter in your life. Either way, here is your bible.

Steve Cummins is the father of two strong, beautiful boys, one of whom came as a bigger shock than George W getting elected to a second term while the other was more planned than Stalin's first five years in power. One was an emergency caesarean while the other was pushed out in a shower of urine and expletives (mostly from the author - not his wife!). Steve is a professional comedian which has had the added benefits of him having taken care of his boys since his wife finished maternity leave since he works mostly at night (Yes,he is a yummy mummy!).

This book is a seriously funny take on pregnancy and childbirth but, don't worry, you will also learn lots and have a laugh while doing so. Pregnancy and babies are an amazing experience and a huge challenge at the same time. You are about to be given an incredible gift, one you will love in a way you heretofore never thought possible. You are also going to feel left out, alienated, confused, terrified and grossed out. Horny too, but what else is new. While everyone accepts and makes allowances for the mother, no one ever thinks of the father. This is a book for men. By all means read her the odd excerpt (Steve even put in a few paragraphs that keep her sweet for this very reason) but for the love of God don't let her get her hands on it!

Steve Cummins is a comedian, broadcaster and writer. He is currently the resident host of The Laughter Lounge, Ireland's largest and most prestigious comedy club. He has performed comedy on national and international TV and regularly performs abroad. Steve has written and performed comedy for TV and Radio shows and also wrote the Dad's Diary column in Mothers & Babies magazine of the Irish Independent for over a year.

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Price:  €15.00 / STG £16.00 / $20.00

Size: 229x152mm

Binding: PB

ISBN-13: 978-1-9086890-0-9

Pages: 282

Release date: 17th November 2011

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