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Awaken the Genius Within: A Guide to Lifelong Learning Skills

by Samuel A Malone

In this book you will learn how to use your brain more effectively at home, in study, in recreation and at work. You will learn how to concentrate better and develop the skills of effective reading. Discover how learning maps can help you in study, writing, research and at work. Memory is a vital skill for learning and you will be introduced to a wide range of memory skills to help you remember better and learn more. Anybody can develop the skills of creativity and this book will show you how.

This book is aimed at lifelong learners such as college students who want to improve their grades, adults who have returned to college seeking higher education, employees and professionals who want to progress in their careers, seniors who want to stave off or reverse the decline in their mental powers, and all those who want to develop and maintain a sharper mind. Mentors, coaches and trainers will find this book useful as a teaching guide to lifelong learning skills.

Book details:

Price:  €30.00 / STG £25.00 / $40.00  

Size: 246x189mm

Interior: Colour

Binding: PB

ISBN-13: 978-1908689-24-5

Pages: 250

Release date: 13th January 2014

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