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Innovation in the Social Economy: Emerging Best Practice in Ireland and Wales

by Deiric Ó Broin and Mary Hyland

The economies of Ireland and Wales have changed significantly since 2008. The collapse of one model of development and the partial emergence of something different has been, and remains, a key area of debate for academics, policy makers and practitioners. The social economy and the potential role of social enterprises are rapidly gaining visibility within debates about the possible nature of this emerging model of development. This book, Innovation in the Social Economy offers an insightful account of many of the emerging best practices in Ireland and Wales. The volume draws together contributions from practitioners in the social enterprise, social finance, venture philanthropy, local government and local development sectors in both countries. It considers the impact of innovation on the social economy and explores its capacity to contribute to both the Irish and Welsh economies as they begin to recover from the global crisis. It argues for more considered engagement by government with the potential of the social economy and points to the significant role it has played in other EU member states which could be replicated in Ireland and Wales. 

The book is a practical and experience-based guide to emerging best practices in social enterprises in both countries and it offers practical tools, guidance and models for implementing effective innovations within them. The experienced contributors focus on the core competencies needed including leadership, business planning, marketing and sales, accounting, and more. The book also contains examples of successful initiatives in the field, across the health, education and social services sectors among others. It offers important practical insights for both those directly engaged in establishing social enterprises and those working in public agencies with a remit to support such enterprises. This will be essential reading for students of social enterprise, local development, public administration, local government and small business and enterprise development.

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Release date: 7th November 2014

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