Our Ebooks

Most of our books are now available as Ebooks through Amazon's Kindle programme.  If you don't have a kindle device you can download a Kindle viewer app for your Android phone or tablet by going to the goolge play store. You can also download a Kindle app for the iPhone and iPad by going to the App store.

Please click here to see the titles we have available as Ebooks on Kindle.

Please click here to see the titles we have available on iTunes (iBookstore).

Our books are also available on the ibookstore, Kindle, Kobo, and all other ebook channels. Please see the links for each book on the "Books" page.

Ebook Conversion and Publishing

We can convert your PDF or Microsoft word document into a correctly formated Ebook file. We can output to all standard formats including ePub and Kindle.
We can also publish your Ebook and arrange for the profits to be sent directly to you.
Contact us for details including rates and options available to you.

Please contact us for details of our Ebook services: info@glasnevinpublishing.com
   Our Ebook Distribution Partners

Some of our eBook partners: